April 3, 2010

Welcome to my wonderfully colorful world. If you are looking for a professional artist to paint something that is personal and unique you have come to the right place. My name is Kathy Hollinger and I’ve been painting for over 30 years and thoroughly love what I do. Seeing someone’s face light up when they see my work is so rewarding. I talk to each of my clients to get a feel for what they truly want done. I have worked with many professional decorators, where some of them just say “Work your magic” and let my creativity flow.  I have developed many of my own techniques and utilize them frequently. I enjoy mixing techniques to create a custom look. Everything is done free hand so no two paintings are identical. I do not use stencils or a projector but pride myself on being able to look at a wall and paint it with nothing more then a brush and paint (and the occasional pencil).

My techniques include:

Hand painted murals


Murals (animals)


Faux finishes




 Faux textures


 Trompe L’oeil vignettes


If you are interested in having some work done please contact me via e-mail at kathy@kathysdecorativepainting.com,                                                       by phone at (419)384-3759 or by snail mail at 5028 Rd O     Pandora, OH 45877.   I am located in northwest Ohio but am willing to travel a bit, give me a call and we can chat about that.

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